B2B Sales Vs Marketing – Using marketing tactics to increase sales

Marketing and Sales had always worked together in the building and success of any brand. Especially when it comes to B2B sales and Marketing. Though we know, they are two different functions within an organisation. Yet, they support each other and work for hand in hand. Marketing’s job is to ignite the spark for the brand and product in the target market. In contrast, sales’ function is to perform activities that aim towards selling product and services, which ultimately generates revenue for the organisation.

B2B sales and B2B Marketing

I other words, the marketing lays the groundwork for the sales team. They use many different tactics and measures that we will be discussed in detail in the article. The marketing helps build brand presence, generates leads, run advertisements, show success stories etc. And the sales team uses these leads to build their sales funnel. Which ultimately helps in closing up the deal.

Salespeople have only one thing in mind, how to use all the tactics, tools, possibilities available to convert an interested lead into a paying customer. Money is what they gun for. At the same time, marketers work with success stories and market them via social media or traditional matter. They conduct seminars and other branding activities to generate more leads to give to the sales team. In simple terms, Marketers pulls the possible prospects via different means, whereas sales push the prospect to closure.

Thats it, Easy Right?

Well, If it was that wasy why would i be writing this. 😉

Unfortunately, In most of the organisation rather than working hand in hand, these two departments often compete with each other. There is always a gap between a marketing team and sales team as most of the time; they don’t work on the organisation’s common goal; rather both works on their separate goals and targets. The companies having gaps in the marketing and sales team suffers a lot. In the recent reports, it was clear that the organisation sees 3 times increase in revenue when both the departments share the same goal and work together.

It’s more important now than ever before, for these two departments to work together. Although different, sales and marketing are connected and share a common goal to attract prospects and turn those prospects into customers. But the organisation did not realise that only 26% of organisations implement the rule of the same goal or target.

When businesses understand that both functions are critical to the buyer’s journey and recognize that ,they can continually improve strategies and processes by working in alignment, they can produce better results. I have written a separate article on buyers journey and sales funnel, which you can read by clicking here.

What is Marketing?

“Marking in simple terms is sending out the right message to the right person at the right time”

Basically, we need to send our product’s basic message shown to that relevant audience who has need of it when they are planning to buy it or in the thinking process. This is the time when our targeting starts via paid and social media ads. OR organically through content marketing or SEO. There are various marketing ways some of them are mentioned below.

  • Content Marketing – blogs, ebooks, podcasts, webinars are some ways of content marketing whose purpose is to provide the solution and gain your potential buyer’s trust.
  • SEO Or Search Engine Optimisation – This is useful when the people search for a specific thing and show up in the search result. Search engine optimisation is optimising your website and blogs so that it ranks higher when searched.
  • Email Marketing – This is outbound marketing where you let your potential buyer know of your product or anything you need to convey through sending them an email.
  • Social Media Marketing – Using social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to target your potential buyer who might be interested at that point of time,
  • Paid Marketing or SEM – Running paid ads on different platforms, so if someone clicks on that ad it divertes it to your landing page.

Also, we have discussed a lot about marketing at the start so ill directly jump into the laws that govern marketing and its campaigns.

Basic Laws Of Marketing?

  • Marketing starts before the creation of the product. 

The basic market research starts with understanding the needs of the customer, to what they want, and thus creating the product that solves their problem. The marketing or promotions never starts once the product is out rather the hype creation shall start way before the product is out.

  • Marketing just does not stop after revenue is IN

The job of marketing is end to end. From creating awareness in the market to lead generation to keep customers satisfied. That results in word of mouth marketing, where your customers become your marketer and vouch for your product.

  • Product Development, Sales, and Marketing go hand in hand.

Never have a point where you sell your product just on marketing skills and campaigns, the product development should be there, thus invent in R&D and dynamic product.

  • It’s not important to be first in the market but first in the mind of consumers.

When you enter a market with your product, we should find a way to enter the consumer’s mind, if you hit the mind with the right problem-solving statement. Way to market leadership is not far.

  • Good Marketing helps in a good perception of a product.

You might have a good product, but the agenda of marketing is not just that people discover your product but also have a good perception of the product. 

Increasing B2B Sales Using Marketing

Once the marketing generates leads now its time for the sales team to use those lead and convert them into a paying customer. There are various stages involved in b2b sales as well. But in this section, we will specifically on how do we use the above types of marketing and laws of marketing to skyrocket the revenue of your company by increasing b2b sales.

Increasing B2B Sales

Using market research and buyer persona of Lead

When the marketing team runs its campaigns and do research on the market, it gives a clear idea of what demographic location and what are the topmost target segment which is interested in our product. If you need to increase sales, hit the right market and the right prospect who is in need of your product. Even the buyer persona of clients helps the salesperson to modify their approach and hit specific prospect accordingly.

Using Data and Brand presence

If the prospect is listening to you your pitch first time, this is common in b2b sales, where you speak to one prospect at a time, and the ticket size is large. Using the comparative data and glorifying the brand’s presence and its vision with a lucrative presentation gives the customer confidence in your brand and can trust you.

Using Testimonials and Success Stories

Showing your clients’ success stories via a letter of recommendation or a video of those who have been benefited by using your product. Marketing team always works with a happy client and collects testimonials. Sales team use such testimonial again to show the effectiveness of the product. This is still a great help for b2b salesperson. For example, look at any online course out there, apart from the reviews, there will undoubtedly be some video testimonials as well, which helps the buyer make a decision.

Marketing Gifts

In b2b sales, gifting is a common thing. And the aim of gifting is that it gives a sense of importance to the customer and second they always remind it of you and your brand. Well, it’s exactly like a gift to your girlfriend. You must love your prospect and treat them exactly like your girlfriend.

Using Marketing Collaterals

A b2b salesperson shall always seek help from marketing team whenever needed. If need to provide the leaflets, or brochure or any other thing required, it can take the sales process in a positive direction. Let’s say you are selling a digital product to school, and if the school says that if parents agree to it, they will take it. So what you need is a leaflet and a small video to build awareness about your product among parents.

Marketing Events and Webinars

The aim to do marketing events and webinars is to generate lead so that the sales team can target that market. But If the sales team is getting a good result from a particular market, why not to invite all the key decision-makers to a marketing event. This is very common in B2B sales-type, where a shared event is conducted to do mass pitch at once.

Retargeting Marketing Support

Retargeting is an essential part in selling, and we need marketing and customer success team to help in this. You have pitched to a client, but it is not feasible in b2b sales to follow up everytime. Thus here marketing team do retargeting activities and maybe runs ad so that he does not forget and comes back to us again.

If you want counselling and personalised way on how do you use marketing to increase sales of your business. Reach out to me though my linkedIn, click here.

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